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120 Chiropractic in Portland Oregon

Chiropractic Care Specializing in Pain Relief and Complete Wellness by Dr. Henre Andosca

Portland chiropractor Dr Henre Andosca is an expert in pain relief, organ function and complete wellness

I have found in my research as a chiropractor about health in human beings that we are designed to live with abundant and vibrant health at least until the age of 120. My mission is to expertly detect, analyze and correct subluxations, and educate about how to manage the stress that we live with to help empower those in my community to achieve this state of health and well-being for as long as possible.

At 120 Chiropractic we provide excellence in analysis and correction of subluxations to achieve the full expression of each patient’s abundant and vibrant health:

  • Through state of the art technology, education, and technique
  • By listening to, caring for and providing an exceptional experience for each patient
  • By fostering research and innovation with our chiropractic communities around the world
  • By ensuring an engaging work environment for our employees that encourages everyone in achieving their highest potential

Our vision at 120 Chiropractic is to Educate and Empower as many people in our community as possible, to get expertly checked and corrected for subluxations from birth and throughout their lifetimes.

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Organ Dysfunction Expert in Portland

Organ Dysfunction

Suffering with digestive, cardiovascular or respiratory issues? We can help improve the function of your organs.

Pain Relief Expert in Portland Oregon

Pain Relief

Suffering with back pain, neck pain and migraines? Chiropractic can significantly diminish your pain.

Wellness Expert in Portland

Complete Wellness

A healthy spine can have profound effects on your entire body and total wellness. We can help.

Secret to Living a Long Life

Health and Vitality

A healthy spine and nervous system has shown to dramatically improve health and promote a longer life.

Everyone’s Welcome Here.

We are an LGBTQQAI safe space and want you to know that no matter what your race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, birth sex assignment, national origin, current socioeconomic class or background, age, disability, or veteran status, you are welcome here.

Portland Chiropractic Office

5-Star Google Reviews!

As a Barber. I was having major lower back pain. Within a few times of correction Henre had me feeling like new. Love the whole body experience. Knowledge and explanation of how it all works. Thank you!!read more
Rian M
Rian M
06:11 09 Mar 18
Awesome results. Dr Henri is great.
daniel tucker
daniel tucker
16:57 05 Mar 18
Being the Founder & CEO OF TriOasis an Holistic Health & Wellness cafe, makes me very sensitive to the quality of service I receive from other professional providers. Dr. Henre is not only a first class provider but his staff and procedures are as well. Appreciate every minute of every visit!!Bruce Huckread more
Bruce Huck
Bruce Huck
19:24 28 Feb 18

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